the letter to Viktor Orban

written by
Felix Bühner
published on
21. May 2024

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We have written an open letter to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary and invited him, on behalf of all politically responsible people in Hungary, to work together on a new, more beautiful and better vision for Hungary and the rest of the world.


Unterstütze unseren Offenen Brief an Viktor Orban duplicate

Unterstützen Sie unsere Vision für eine nachhaltige Zukunft

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde,

wir bitten um eure Unterstützung für unsere Petition, die darauf abzielt, die Einrichtung von Familienlandsitzsiedlungen in Ungarn zu fördern. Diese Initiative wird nicht nur die Lebensqualität verbessern, sondern auch zu einer ökologisch und sozial nachhaltigen Gemeinschaft beitragen. Bitte helf uns, diese wichtige Botschaft zu verbreiten und unterzeichne die Petition auf unserer Webseite, um gemeinsam eine positive Veränderung zu bewirken.

Vielen Dank für deine Unterstützung!

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Open letter: Family housing estates for Hungary

Dear Prime Minister, Dear Mr Orbán Viktor!

Let us people give back our true homeland!

This letter is addressed to you, Mr Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary. For us, our descendants and our common future.


As you yourself are well aware, we as humanity on our planet are now in a very delicate and critical situation at all levels. For a long time now, we have allowed ourselves to become prisoners and slaves of our own system. This is expressed on an individual, family, national and international level. Each and every one of us - including our previous generations - has, through ignorance, helped to create a system that alienates us more and more from our true divine nature. From an economic point of view, where many people have too little to live but too much to die, as well as on a social level, where an unhealthy selfishness now makes true togetherness impossible. Today's society - and especially its national leaders, like you - is confronted with infinitely complex challenges at all levels, and we are convinced that the majority of those responsible must see themselves as constant "fire extinguishers". We also recognise the disillusionment they must experience in serving a people who, for the most part, only repeat the mistakes of previous generations and have little creativity and courage for real change themselves.


Several volumes could be filled with all these complex problems that confront us and their causes. As humanity, we all share responsibility - each and every one of us - for allowing this to happen. Problems can never be solved with the same mindset that created them. A famous person recognised this wisdom in the past, and in doing so, he also gave us a great example of how we can tackle today's challenges. At a societal level, we need a radical rethink, a paradigm shift - something that, in its simplicity, is capable and ingenious enough to solve today's complex problems and challenges with a new way of thinking. Of course, this simplicity must be seen in perspective and it will take time to transform a system that has been in place for several centuries so that the destructive elements that are harmful to people can be dismantled, but the good and constructive elements contained therein can continue to be utilised and benefit the highest good of all people. We can start now!


This solution to a large part - if not all - of today's problems already exists and does not even need to be reinvented. Put quite profanely, it lies in the following words:


"Let's give us humans back our true home!"


Embedded in these few words is an entire programme that reminds us humans more and more of our true destiny. Hidden in these words is the freedom of the mature and adult future human being, which is linked to personal responsibility and self-determination, the voluntary commitment to one's fellow human beings and serving the greater good, as well as the resulting national sovereignty. Despite all the negative reports, a perceptible awakening is taking place in society today and more and more people are reflecting on true values and feeling the call to take a new path that fills them with more joy. Here in Hungary, too, people are beginning to create a piece of home for themselves and their families in this new way of thinking.


Russia in particular has played a pioneering role in the realisation of this new way of thinking. This is where the vision of family land settlements originated, written down in the 10 volumes of "The Sounding Cedars of Russia" by the author Vladimir Megre, which has since become known throughout the world. In Russia, it is already enjoying widespread popularity among millions of people and in the form of hundreds of such settlements, and it impresses precisely with the necessary and easily realisable simplicity and ingenuity described above.


A vision that could be realised in almost all latitudes, taking our modern society into account. This is what it is all about:


Every person, every family who wishes to do so receives (at best free of charge) one hectare of land - a so-called family estate - for life with the associated right of use. In addition, the family caring for the land receives the hereditary right to transfer the estate. No taxes should be levied on the products produced on the estate or on the land itself. (The state will also benefit indirectly on many levels from the high-quality surpluses produced in joy on these new estates). Several family estates (maximum 300) together form a family estate. Further specially designated land areas for settlement infrastructure, learning spaces, workshops, local recreation areas, biotopes, forests, pastures, meeting places and also buildings/spaces for self-administration should be taken into account.


A single family country estate must fulfil the following few mandatory criteria:


  • The individual family landholding shall be at least 1 hectare in size (ideal footprint approx. 100m x 100m), but should not exceed a maximum of 1.3 hectares.
  • Each family estate is enclosed within its boundaries by a hedge belt (living fence) consisting of a variety of shrub and tree species.
  • A biodiversity of at least 300 different plant species that are favourable to the inhabitants of the family estate increases the diversity of the interacting fauna and flora communities and the enjoyment of their observers.
  • One of the functions of a family country home is to form a functioning ecosystem in its own right. At least 1/4 of the total area should consist of forest. In order to guarantee the ecosystem, an area of water in the form of ponds or a small lake is also required.
  • There are paths 3-5 metres wide between the individual family plots.


In its function for the individual and their family, such a family estate fulfils more than just a pile of work, as our grandparents and great-grandparents knew and in some cases still practised. Such a family homestead offers the family a solid foundation, regardless of origin, to create a home for themselves, their own children and their descendants. By planting our so-called ancestral trees ourselves, we deepen the feeling of our new home and the associated rootedness to our piece of earth. A hectare of land is large enough to provide space for creativity, unfolding joy and leisure, it also offers space to unwind in cosy places. However, it is also not too large, so that this space can be given the necessary attention and thus protected from possible harmful external influences. Of course, the above description can only provide a brief insight into the main features of this programme and would go beyond the scope of this letter. More details about this lifestyle can be found on our website


In order to give you a small insight into the effectiveness of this simplicity and perhaps even a clear feeling for the vision associated with it, we ask you to imagine the following future scenario in your mind's eye:


After your work as a representative of your people is done, you arrive home, slightly tired, at your own family country estate, several generations old, nestled and surrounded by your dear neighbours in your settlement: You are loved by your neighbours as you represent their interests and the needs of your own settlement. From afar, you enjoy the sight of your beautiful, colourful and sweet-smelling hedge with its many shades of green. You walk through the entrance and look forward to seeing your wife and children again. Your beloved animals, such as dogs and cats, also come to meet you and want to greet you in their very own way. The whole country estate is filled with birdsong, the chirping of crickets, the buzzing of bees and you enjoy the natural silence to the full. A delicious meal, prepared with love by your wife, consisting of the best, lovingly sourced ingredients from your own garden, awaits you. But before that, you go to the oak tree, the ancestral tree, which was planted by your grandfather more than 80 years ago and remember the one or other funny incident that you were able to experience with him as a child. You too have already planted your very own ancestral tree on your property (perhaps a lime tree?) and look forward to seeing it grow and flourish every year. In another 80 years, a descendant of yours will stand here under your tree in your place and remember you with joy and pride.


In this way, when more and more of us have established a sustainable home, we will automatically become aware again of the life-affirming, true values that characterise a healthy society. Values that serve a life of joy and are therefore in line with true Christian values. In this way, we create loving spaces for our descendants, our children, in which they can be seen in their joy, their talents and their true value and can flourish. With the help of the family country home, people will increasingly recognise their true purpose again, they will receive the key to being able to fathom the meaning of their own and of life in its entirety. Genuine joy will consequently be realised and thePeople heal through their living space. The positive consequences are enormous and can only begin to be imagined with today's thinking. Stable, healthy units of families and their settlements are the result. The basis of a healthy and sovereign nation. The implementation of this programme, including state funding, is already taking place in Russia. Many hundreds of family settlements are already being created as a result. In Hungary, compared to all other western European countries, the legal conditions for the first such settlement prototypes are predestined and "living in the garden" is still part of Hungarian culture today. Here in the heart of Europe, Hungary could also play a valuable and even historical pioneering role with state support for this programme.

A self-sufficient, healthy and surplus-generating nation would be able to share its success with the state and all its fellow human beings out of the joy of wanting to make its living space ever more beautiful and make Hungary a flourishing model of the new togetherness within Europe. Numerous people on the other side of our borders would aspire to exactly this life. Entirely new economic sectors would emerge, and Hungary would become the largest producer and exporter of fresh and purely organic fruit and vegetables in the EU. Universities all over the world would teach how a nation can become self-sufficient and how this could lead to a revival of folk art, for example. How a situation could be created in which people could create material and spiritual prosperity for themselves through their joyful endeavours without having to ask the state for anything - except for a piece of land and a sign of stability, enshrined in law.


Fulfilled by this vision, we left our well-protected circumstances - our homes in Switzerland and Germany - and established our new homes - our family country estates - here in Hungary. Some of us already more than 15 years ago. Always focussing on the vision of the family country estate, we have been able to gain a lot of experience in this context. From building our own houses, made entirely with our own hands, to planting a garden, hedges and forest on a good hectare of land, creative solutions to secure our economic situation without financial dependence on the system, getting to know the Hungarian culture, intensive cooperation with people striving for genuine coexistence, constantly changing legislation and the challenges of integrating it into our lives to the best of our knowledge and belief, also in cooperation with the authorities, to the intensive inner processes associated with all these experiences. Looking back, we consider the associated disillusionments to be essential and valuable. They were necessary for our growth, so that today more than ever we are able to serve the vision and do our part to realise it here in Hungary.


The era of lone wolves and opportunism seems to be coming to an end, and the widespread "mouse solution" approaches ("Minden nagykapu mellett van egy kiskapu.") are also reaching their limits. The time is now ripe for us people to address this letter to the representatives of our nation in order to create a clean and stable basis here in Hungary as well, on which true prosperity for families can flourish in joyful cooperation with their neighbours.


A central element of this vision and the way of thinking that goes with it is the awareness of uniting and balancing the opposites of life. This ability seems to be given only to man as a divine creator.


The realisation of this vision is already underway worldwide and here in Germany too, and nothing will stop people from taking the step towards a self-determined life and the associated reduction in expectations of others. Even expectations of their own governments will no longer exist. Depending on the possibilities of individual peoples, some will live in happier countries sooner than others. It is up to the creativity and power of the people's desire, as well as the wisdom of their leadership, to free the people sooner or later from their greatest worries and enable them to live secure and happy lives. We are making our present and future creative power available for the benefit of all Hungarians and will support this vision throughout our lives to the best of our ability. Adjustments to the legal framework can already support a life of real personal responsibility on one's own family estate and in entire family estates, and make it easier for more people to get started.


It is extremely important to note that the step towards genuine personal responsibility is an indispensable, individual learning process for every single person. This process, which is necessary for development, will be greatly accelerated in connection with one's direct fellow human beings. It is also important that this process receives holistic attention and covers as many areas of life as possible. This learning process takes place in the context of one's own family country estate/family country estate.


When people begin to think beyond their own lives about how they design their land for their descendants, what, with what and how ecologically sustainable they create their dwellings, where they plant their forests, gardens and other spaces, their actions in their own lives take on a completely new perspective. Consequently, a paradigm shift takes place here - in other words, the person on his family estate learns to accept the consequences for his own actions and begins to realise in his own interest how he can hand over his piece of land to his children and descendants for their benefit. An ecological oasis flourishing in diversity, or a wasteland covered in concrete that will have to be painstakingly restored by future generations? However, people need the necessary space for self-determination with all its consequences in order to achieve genuine personal responsibility that has grown from within.


At the settlement level, in interaction with his settlement neighbours in connection with settlement-specific topics, such as school, health, provision, or various other projects, our people learn to gradually develop from today's omnipresent rugged egoism into a healthy individualism, for the benefit of themselves, their own family and their settlement neighbours - for the highest good of all. True to the motto

"One for all - all for one".


Other topics, such as lifelong right of use, right of inheritance, building issues, lifelong learning (learning spaces within the settlement), health, home births, death (what could be better than a person being able to see the light of day on their own piece of land! - As well as finding their eternal rest on their own land, perhaps in their favourite place). However, this also requires the necessary trust on the part of current legislators and, above all, the associated legal leeway.

We believe that this can be realised through the creation of a new land use type/land category "family estates/family estate" that is enshrined in law.

Such a new land use type/category will provide people and their families here in Hungary with the best development opportunities in Europe. For the benefit of the entire state of Hungary, because ultimately every state is only ever made up of its families. A state consisting mainly of happy, healthy and self-determined families is probably the richest state in the world.


Let us make Hungarian families the richest families in the world!

With this in mind, it is important for us to extend our hand to you, dear Viktor Orban, in the role of Prime Minister and representative of this Hungarian state. We need to close the gap between high politics and ordinary people and, together with representatives of your government and ourselves, create the necessary legal framework for the first prototypes of such settlements. This can be realised, for example, in the form of working groups - a realisation for the benefit of a wonderful and prosperous future for the Hungarian people.


The time is ripe for us to become a friendly community, a community of like-minded visionaries, in which we understand and accept you as a close friend and let you feel our love and support.

What would be the implications and consequences if, in future years, all elected members of government could call such a piece of true home in their very own family country estate their own? Wouldn't the interest in new and sensible laws that directly benefit the welfare and interests of their own estate and its inhabitants increase significantly? The result would be an unprecedented flourishing of this new society!


All the people need is a piece of land and the legal certainty that this land will not be taken away from them again - their home, where they will create a space of love for themselves and their children for centuries to come.


  • Can you support us with your possibilities in the development of legal bases for the creation of the first prototypes?
  • How do you think our cooperation could be realised?
  • What can we already do today to create a basis for successful cooperation?


We would like to take this opportunity to greet you from the bottom of our hearts, look forward to your reply and thank you for your good intentions towards the Hungarian people over the years! We also send you our special greetings on behalf of all our fellow human beings and families who are in favour of this letter and the associated idea!


Yours sincerely


Christoph Schmid & Markus Thom

from Mutterverein Edle Erde - For the creation of habitats for family land seats

Zala County

Our motivation behind this open letter:

Dear reader,

It is important to us that you understand our motivation, intentions and goals that we associate with this open letter to our government.

This open letter should appeal to everyone who wants a wonderful future for us humans on our planet.

It is therefore very important to us that we take into account as much as possible the full spectrum of different mindsets and beliefs that can be associated with such an open letter. With this accompanying letter, we intend to harmonise the different views with a view to an overarching level.

We are aware that such a letter - especially in the current phase - is highly polarising. The different views on today's governments and their representatives are too strong. Both people who tend to sympathise with the government and those who, for good reasons, have no good word for the current representatives of the people - we have taken this spectrum into account since the beginning of the creation of this open letter. (We also respect the views of those who believe that it would be better to keep their feet still, as the government (the system) would do everything in its power to prevent such a vision).

Even in our own group, where this open letter was written, we find parts of these different tendencies represented. Nevertheless, as a group we have managed to find a consensus. We are convinced that this letter will ultimately fulfil its positive purpose.

We realise that this is "only" a letter for the time being, as well as the fact that the government representatives are unlikely to have the capacity for such things, let alone the interest for a letter with this content.

Even though we are addressing this letter to the highest position of our parliament (currently Prime Minister Mr Orbán) and we would of course be positively surprised if this letter is read by him personally and elicits a direct positive response, the following should be clearly noted here: This letter was primarily written FOR US PEOPLE who want a beautiful and liveable future! Governments can be replaced at any time, but our vision should continue to be perfected for generations to come.

It is a letter that should help us, especially here in Hungary, to share the vision of a wonderful future with more and more people who are enthusiastic about it and to focus together - to keep our eyes focussed on the vision. This will give us the strength to shape the wonderful image of this future step by step.

This letter should also serve to mobilise people for this vision, connect them with each other and give us a common language in communicating this vision. It should serve as a joint declaration of intent to give our desired future more and more energy and greatness, until at some point...
even a government representative can no longer avoid such a letter - to take the needs and wishes of the people seriously.

With this in mind, we hope that we have been able to provide all readers with clarity regarding the intentions of our open letter with the help of this accompanying letter and would be delighted if you, dear reader, would also support it in some way in a favourable manner for the greater good.

Thank you very much!



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