Mother association Precious Soil

for the creation of living spaces for ancestral family lands

Get to know our vision

What is our vision and why do we associate it with the idea of the ancestral family land? How do we want to make decisions together? You will find these and other answers in the vision!

our vision

Enablers wanted

With a team of lawyers, we would like to develop a secure legal basis for a settlement structure. You can support us and make it possible!

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Welcome to the Mother Association Precious Soil

- for the establishment of habitats for ancestral family lands -

We are pleased that you have found your way to our website.
On the following pages, we introduce ourselves and our vision of establishing
a complete settlement within an ancestral family land alliance.

Have fun reading!

The vision

Developed from many conversations within our group, our jointly supported vision was ready to be written down after half a year. If you are interested in what our vision is, then have fun reading and dreaming!

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The association

What are the goals of the Precious Soil and who are the people involved in the association? Why did we decide to realize our vision for Hungary as a location and what specific areas are we researching in order to make them useful for the general public? You can find the answers here:

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Enablers wanted!

Do you also long for true homeland, security and for coming home? By creating a secure legal basis, we want to develop the basis for a true home for all interested people. With your support, you can help make this possible:

Enablers wanted

Connect with us - become a supporting member

You find our cause interesting and would like to receive regular information in the form of newsletters and podcasts? Would you like to support us in our work? Then become a supporting member! You will receive exclusive information on the status of our work and, on top of that, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with us personally at planned supporters' meetings:

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Recent posts

Below you will find our latest publications in the form of our public blog and the podcast exclusive to our supporting members. From time to time we publish podcast episodes here, which are accessible to all visitors of our website.

18. January 2023
The Birth of the Mother Association Logo
When the mother association Precious Soil - for the creation of living spaces for ancestral family lands got its logo, we were struck by how many...
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18. October 2022
First Supporters' meeting of Mother association Precious Soil October 15th & 16th
A weekend with a lot of heart & mind, lively exchange at eye level and interesting new experiences lies behind us! We report back partly still...
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3. August 2022
How it all began - until today
Mother Association Precious Soil - for the establishment of ancestral family lands. That is what we have named our association. Why did we do this...
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