How it all began - until today

written by
Mother Association
published on
3. August 2022

Mother Association Precious Soil - for the establishment of ancestral family lands. That is what we have named our association. Why did we do this and who are we actually?

Especially since the last 2-3 years of preparation, during which each one of us was occupied with essential individual clarification processes, our paths led us steadily more and more together towards a common path. We are Anne & Szilárd, Markus and Yella & Christoph and today, after a good half year of very intensive work together, we have found our common vision in joy, conviction and with a useful portion of hope.

For us, Mother Association expresses that there is a place that supports everything growing up with motherly love and attention and gives it the best possible opportunities to develop. We live here together, a few minutes' walk from each other. We share a fertile, if difficult to cultivate, stretch of land.  The soil is loamy here, it gives us herbs, fruits and vegetables and is building material for our houses at the same time. It is a truly precious soil. We are deeply grateful to it and connected with it.

And, well, living on ancestral family land is our vision. All of us are already living on our ancestral family land, some for more than a decade, others more recently.

We have a strong desire to enrich our lives on our ancestral family lands with neighbours who share our vision. We, the founding members of the association, have a strong bond with each other, working together and reliably on our tasks, enjoying together what we have created and a each time we see each other again. We want to share this binding, warm and attentive togetherness with more people and families.

After the foundation of our association, our first wish was to write down our common vision. We wanted to find out if it really was a common vision. We met once or twice a week. And this for a whole six months. Not everyone who had started this journey with us at the beginning was still with us at the end. The intensive discussions with each other showed us where we share values and visions and in which aspects we do not. This extensive exchange has led to the fact that today we are a group of people who can count on each other and - to describe it with a parable - would also climb Mount Everest together. The basis has been created, the foundation has been laid - we are ready, we can start!

It took many more weeks of intensive work and discussion until this moment: our website goes online! We wanted to make it as informative as possible. We wanted to share our vision and show how beautiful life on plante earth can be. We say hello to you. We want to show that people can work together with a vision in their hearts and achieve a lot. And we are looking forward to response, also to yours, you who are reading this right now.

We want to create the homeland for us, our children, our ancestors and all our descendants. We give it all the time it takes to achieve this. We want to take our steps conscientiously. Therefore, in the next step we want to put together a team of lawyers and other experts to work out a really legally secure basis for the creation of a ancesatral family land settlement.

The creation of new settlement-like living space structures in Hungary - especially for the legal acquisition and transfer of "settlement land" - requires new and solution-oriented, if necessary also unconventional, legal framework conditions that correspond to the current state of affairs and can only make successful implementation possible. Therefore, we would like to have a team of legal and other knowledgeable people who are willing to take on this creative challenge with joy and verve.

To finance the legal framework, we have currently launched our Enablers wanted! - campaign. We invite you to accompany and support us on our way. We welcome every enable who would like to become part of this development and support us financially and expertly in our task.

More over we invite people to learn with us. As a supporting member of our association, you walk our path with us. We have in mind to inform you regularly about the current status with newsletters and podcasts. We also plan meetings with funders. Here, questions can be clarified in personal conversation, and we are happy to pass on our knowledge to our funders at such meetings. Together we can achieve a lot. And who knows which great people we will get to know in person.

And now have fun browsing, feel free to leave us a comment in the blog and if you like our site, feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances!

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