The association

Mother Association Precious Soil

for the establishment of ancestral family lands

At the end of 2021, a small group of ancestral family land-owners and those who want to become one founded the association "Mother Association Precious Soil – for the establishment of ancestral family lands".This organization currentely  forms the basis for the realization of our common vision:

The revival of ancient and re-discovered living spaces, so-called ancestral family lands and even complete settlement structures consisting of many of them. The ancestral family land is a sustainable living space designed in harmony with nature, which provides people with an optimal basis for acting responsible and self-determined. The settlement consisting of such individual and re-naturalized habitats offers the experiential space for a future-oriented and communal living.
We are living on our ancestral family lands, some of us even for more than a decade and have been able to gather a wealth of experience in all aspects of life.
From the gained experiences we have developed a strong base and starting the end of 2021 have set to work on achieving our goals of establishing an alliance of ancestral family lands that can also serve as a prototype for settlement-like models.

Through its various activities, the mother association “Edle Erde” / “Precious Soil” supports the establishment of an alliance of ancestral family lands. If possible, also with settlement-like structures. 
With our project location in Zala County, we would like to support the establishement of living spaces for creation of living spaces for ancestral family lands in Hungary and for Hungarians.

The focus is on:
Research on the re-naturalization of habitats and the restoration of natural and cooperative communities over the course of several generations.
Sharing of knowledge based on research results
Acquisition and management of land for ancestral family lands settlements and communal areas
Consulting and monitoring during the cooperation between individual ancestral family lands
Mentoring in planning and developing of a settlement-like structure
Assistance of autonomy and sustainability of ancestral family lands as independent ecosystems
Supporting of family life, cooperative community building and self-determined learning in natural environment.
Consensus based decision-making and the Ubuntu principle (reaching the goal together) are used both as guidelines for the association´s actions and are recognized as the basis for a sustainably functioning community. These aspects will be explained in more details later on.
The sphere of activity of our Hungarian project location is primarily the West Hungarian region. Our association also participates in further national and international networking, research and consulting activities.
The association exclusively represents its own aims and serves the welfare of man and nature. It aligns itself with its own vision and knows how to draw its boundaries.

The members of the Precious Soil Association

I – Markus – was born in Germany and are again living in Hungary since December 2021. I have found my own ancestral family land, the space of love for myself and my future family and I am just beginning to design and revive it. As president of the association "Akademie Ökologisch Siedeln" (Academy for Ecological Settlement) I have been supporting people on their way to a nature-based life and communities in their development for a same time already. My life was and is characterized by constantly expanding self-determination, lifelong learnings and motivated tackling. I now gladly bring the knowledge and experience I have gained into my heart's project the establishment of the ancestral family land alliance "Edle Erde" ("Precious Soil").
We – Christoph and Yella – are living in Hungary since 2008/2009 on our ancestral family land called "Eibenheim". Over the course of the last 14 years we have been able to gain a wealth of experiences in various areas of self-determined life – starting with the classic topics of self-sufficiency, such as gardening and keeping small animals, to specific topics such as building one's own house, one's own oven, etc., to basic topics such as self-determined health and a livable – or not livable – community. With our association “Eibenheim – space of love for self-determination and consciousness development” we promote the joyful creation and design of living spaces for the unfolding of abilities and talents on all levels of human existence and support people to follow the very own path of their heart.

Project location  Zala County - "Nemes Regio"

For many years, more and more people, especially younger people, felt the urge of moving to Western countries because of perspective and economic reasons such as Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We have chosen the completely opposite path, as the more nature related lifestyle of Hungarians, the climatic conditions as well as the legal framework for the implementation of our vision, comparing other European countries, Hungary offers the best conditions for the implementation of our vision. 

Research activities of the association

We intent to actively research to provide mankind with the best possible conditions for a healthy, happy and long life. We employ equally with the latest technological possibilities of our time as well as with everything good from the past. We are actively working on ways to improve the living conditions for people. Within the framework of our research projects, we also seek exchange with colleges and universities, thus comparing our own findings with those of the scientific community.
Within the framework of our scientific research activities, we initially focus on the following topics:
Ecological and social impact of ancestral family land on the West-Hungarian region
Permaculture: planning and practice – efficiency for agriculture and ecology
Lifelong learning in nature – an educational concept of the future?
Economy and technology in the service of people and Mother Earth – innovative research projects for a sustainable world
Rethinking law comprehensively: working out innovative alternatives for land use, building law, health and education in cooperation with state authorities.

The association works with the support of these processes in accordance with the "Darányi Ignác-terv" and works intensively on the goals written in this national support plan for rural areas:

Improvement of population retention and preservation of the quality of life of our rural areas
It has several list items you can easily edit.
Preserve the natural values and resources of our landscapes
Diverse and viable agricultural production
Food security
Securing the livelihood of the rural economy, increasing rural employment
Strengthening rural communities and improving the quality of life for rural residents
Territorial and social cohesion
Improvement of urban-rural relations
„Darányi Ignác-terv“ (pdf)

Our association activities refer also to the implementation of the "Proposals for a Livable Economy" of the Hungarian Nature Conservation Association (MTVSZ)

„Vorschläge für eine lebensbejahende Wirtschaft“ (pdf)
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