First Supporters' meeting of Mother association Precious Soil October 15th & 16th

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18. October 2022

A weekend with a lot of heart & mind, lively exchange at eye level and interesting new experiences lies behind us! We report back partly still huffy & exhausted, but happy. 

Nine small and big supporters have set out for the constructive & heart-based exchange with us. Our enrichment brought by each and every one of you could not be greater. 

After a bit of an organisational whirlwind at the end of last week due to illness, we met up with you on Saturday to embark on this little adventure together.

Starting with a round of introductions at the meeting point, we hit the ground running with a joint tour of the Nemes region so that you could get an impression of the vast landscape and create joint images of future family homes. Home-made cakes and delicacies provided refreshment for our walkers. Afterwards, we ended the day with a fire and a hearty soup and never-ending conversations. We immediately noticed how open we all were to each other. There was no sign of "polite distance" or sceptical detachment. On the contrary, it felt very familiar after such a short time. 

On Sunday, the sun kindly accompanied us and so we met already in the morning to start a more concrete exchange about the vision of founding a Family Landsitzbund. For us from the mother association it was very important to find out from you whether we had really written down our vision in a comprehensible way. We were allowed to hear from you what you already find good and where you would still like to contribute ideas and suggestions. 

It was visible that everyone enjoyed the constructive and creative conversations at eye level. It was wonderful for us to experience that you are genuinely interested and enthusiastic and already support our vision with your heart and soul. 

Despite, or perhaps because of, the fact that Yella & Christoph von Eibenheim were unfortunately unable to attend due to a severe bout of flu, which meant that a lot of improvisational talent was required and that some things turned out differently than we had so carefully planned in advance, we found this weekend to be a great learning experience with success. 

Seeing your and our talents and resources united already created a strong image that we will carry in our hearts on our way. We thank you very much for this and wish that you will continue to be our companions.


Your Mother Association Precious Soil

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