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Do you also long for true homeland, security and for coming home? By creating a secure legal basis, we want to develop the basis for a true home for all interested people. Do you also feel the desire to take responsibility for creating a better world and, on top of that, to create a secure basis for people and families? With a donation of 10 euros you can help to make this possible!
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Help us make dreams come true

our concrete funding goal

The creation of new settlement-like habitat structures in Hungary - especially for the legal acquisition and transfer of "settlement land" - requires new and solution-oriented, if necessary also unconventional legal framework conditions that correspond to the current state of affairs and can only make successful implementation possible. To this end, we would like to have a team of legal and other experts who are willing to take on this creative challenge with joy and enthusiasm.

If you support Precious Soil, you can count on us investing every contribution in the assembly of a legal team and the development of a secure legal basis as part of our charitable work. For this we need a sum of 20,000 euros. For as little as 1,000 euros, we can work a whole day with a lawyer to draw up the legal framework.

Dreams should NOT
be built on sand!

Our ambassador

"The most important thing for me is my individuality and inner freedom to be myself. This is exactly what my ancestral family land can provide for me. I find the vision and the serious endeavour of the Mother Association Precious Soil to create an ancestral family land settlement in the heart of Europe wonderful. To work out the legal basis for all participants as the very next task I consider as important for this stage of the project. I wish the project all the best and much success and am happy to support it as the ambassador."

Jana Iger

Dedicated or free

In principle, you have two options for funding.
You can either provide one-off funding earmarked for the project "Development of legally sound foundations" or you choose free funding that is not directly linked to specific projects - but still supports the association in its work.

No matter how you decide, you can do this completely selflessly - or you would like to benefit from our constantly expanding knowledge in this context.
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How does it work?

We recognize which project we assign your contribution to based on the purpose of the bank transfer. If you would like to fund this project, please use the purpose "Develop legal bases" as well as your supporting membership number (e.g. supportno1234) found in your account.

We deliberately do not use any external payment providers because we do not want to pass on your personal data. For the payment process we ask for your help. Therefore transfer directly to our account below, stating the intended use:

Mother association Precious Soil

IBAN: AT30 2011 1845 3460 8000


Erste Bank, Vienna

Please note

Transfers from currencies other than euros will incur exchange fees at our bank. For such transfers, we recommend sending at least 20 euros.

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Having questions? Just ask!

Would you like to support us, but still have questions? Feel free to write to us at enabler@precious-soil.org and we will be happy to answer them promptly.

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